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This is a quick note: Despite the welcome publicity I often get, and good feedback from people like you, my books have only a couple of reviews on and none on This way, they never show up prominently in searches or recommendation algorithms. So if you've read one or more of my books, I'd much appreciate it if you could write a quick review on one of those sites!

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  1. Absolutely! I'm about 1/3 through reading "Dreamed Up Reality" and so far I'm completely engrossed :)

    1. I was browsing your books on Amazon today and realized I hadn't written a review yet, as I had promised. Better late than's my review of Dreamed Up Reality:

      I noticed that Meaning in Absurdity hasn't gotten any reviews yet, which is astounding to me. They're both great reads, as is everything on this blog. Here's hoping you're working on another book :)

    2. Thanks a lot, Rambutan! And yes, I am finishing my fourth and best book so far... it should be published at some point towards the end of next year, 2013.

  2. Hi Bernardo
    I wrote a review on - cant seem to write one on the .com one tho'.

    Im missing your blogs?!!

    1. Hi Jenny. Yes, I've seen the reviews, many thanks! And yes, I've been busy recently and allowed the blog to go quiet for a little too long... but I've just published a new article (have a look) and hope you will enjoy it. Cheers, B.


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