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Mind as a hyper-dimensional membrane

(Updated 9 September 2012: A long, instructive, and sometimes even contentious online discussion has emerged around the ideas in this post, which you can find here. From that discussion, reader Michael Larkin framed the ideas below in a beautiful story-form that I republished, with authorization, here.)

As part of an online debate in a discussion forum last week, I posted an early articulation of some of the ideas I've been working on. I thought it would be interesting to re-post it here, with some more explanation. This is work-in-progress, so please keep that in mind. Also keep in mind my anti-realist stance: everything I will describe is supposed to be an 'as if' model. In other words, my claim is that nature may behave as if the model below were true, but not that the model is literally or ontologically true.

Here we go: Think of the entire universe as a phenomenon of mind. In other words, imagine that there is no world outside of mind modulating your subjective experi…