Lost posts!

John Greenleaf Whittier's fictional heroine
Maud Muller gazes into the distance,
regretting her inaction and thinking
about what might have been.
Source: Wikipedia.
UPDATE 18-Nov-2012: I managed to redirect the older URLs to the new links, so there should be no broken links anymore!

Today I was applying some adjustments to the formatting of my posts, so as to make them look nicer in the new blog template I am now using. Accidentally, I deleted the two most recent posts in that process, because somehow the blogger interface mixed their names up with a draft test post I was playing with. Naturally, I am fuming, but it doesn't help to get upset at this point.

I did have a back-up of the text of those posts and, as you can see, I've republished the original content. I've also redirected the older URLs so there should be no broken links. However, there were about 100 comments, combined from both posts, that I still see in my interface but am not sure I can 'move over' to the newly published posts. I am trying to find a way, but am not sure I will succeed. I contemplate with dread the possibility that all those comments, which you used your time and energy to write, may be lost.

I regret this accident enormously, particularly the potential loss of your comments. I consider it a privilege that you take the time and energy to contribute to my blog with your thoughts, and it grieves me to have failed to live up to your trust in this regard. I will continue to try to find a way to 'move' the comments over to the new posts. If you have suggestions to help me do this, please send me a note. I use blogger.

I will keep this short, because I am working hard to find a way to remedy the situation, if there is one. I will update you in the coming hours and days.

I offer you my heart-felt apologies for this. This will not happen again. Please do not stop commenting.


PS: Let me take the opportunity to clarify a few things that some of you found confusing with the new blog format:

  • The blog is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox 3.5 or later, Chrome, or Safari. Older browsers are not supported. You are better off with Chrome;
  • After a certain number of comments per post is reached, you have to click on "load more" at the bottom of the page to view newer comments. It might happen that you write a comment and don't see it published because you forget to "load more."

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  1. "I offer you my heart-felt apologies for this. This will not happen again. Please do not stop commenting."

    Not to worry, Bernardo! A few comments lost is but a drop in the ocean that is the vast wisdom of us, your loyal, commenters. :) We won't desert you.

    1. Thanks Bruce... I feel better now that I had some sleep... :)

    2. Ditto to the kind sentiments of Mr Bruce Seigel, a true gentleman, open-minded explorer of The Mystery, and a pretty good piano teacer so I hear ;>) I extend my loyalty with my comrade Bruce and arms linked together we shall enter the coming days ahead with optimism, fresh and genuine interactions and perhaps a little less ego inflation because we know that 'even our Bernardo' asks for apologies. ;>0 Your humility and 'bon homme' spirit is rounded by your humor,intellect, and need to apologize for almost no reason at all! I like that in a man:>)

      I am loyally still here and the colors do not bother me in this new scheme. The colors and settings remain inconsequential when Source and the Divine Imagination is modelled brilliantly by Bernardo, using tin foil for the One Divine Tin Foil Membrane and superbly crafting tiny protrusions modelled to fold back on the Many tin foil protrusions and thus waking the Membrane(consciousness without an object mirrors concsiousness back as an object of examination),novelty arises, worldviews unfold 'in potentia'as The Source Membrane suddenly sprouts Many Self Reflective Protrusions, all made from Itself,and these self reflective tin foil protrusions of the One Divine Membrane that reflects back into it's own Blissfilled Face the One Nature of the tin foil Membrane.

      Thus creating self awareness,two singularities... Sophia's biosphere and the Human access to non dimensional Mind Worlds (mathematics,Euclidean and Fractal geometries, Randi,fishtanks ) as the One Genus, Us,People Protrusions of the Membrane 'randomly' become and awakens in delight as it perceives Itself in the protrusion Membrane tin foil mirror (homo sapiens sapiens). Miraculously we jump from our mammalian primate bush, stumbling on all fours a bit,and give or take 50 millenia we are sharing the Active Imagination of the One Membrane Source.

      No stinkin color schemes will bother me when we explore such profundity here! Where is Sam Harris? We shall overcome all relative truths while paying honor to the real Truth ,In honor of Douglas Adams.....42 is the answer!

      Yours in Open Minded Pun Driven Love,

    3. Hehehe :) Thanks. And fear not: The new website is season-themed, so the stinking color scheme will be replaced (with another potentially stinking one) on the 21st of December, assuming we are all still here in 3D... ;)

  2. Bernardo,

    You have nothing to apologize for. My comment was a jesting throwaway and worthy of losing ;>) and you are truly a fine host who does not like to disapoint his guests in any fashion.

    You are doing a great job.


  3. The new theme looks much better, Bernardo. I found the old one difficult to read, and the new one comes across as less way-out-there, if you get what I mean: I think white-on-black may tend to be associated with "spookiness" in some people's minds.

    Michael Larkin

    1. Thanks a lot, Michael. After all the trouble, it's good to hear it was worth it. :)

  4. Hi Bernardo. Yes, my posts went missing. :-(
    I don't remember most of what I posted, but I do remember one point I wanted to make. I think it is possible for consciousness of deceased to interact with matter in this world provided very specif conditions. The main point being that if our world is formed though our conciousness of it, than it is possible that once deceased, that a consciousness may perceive it as still living in this world, subject to the same physical rules and physical density in such a way that it can sometimes - not very common ocasions - interact with it. The implication is that a consciousness that still thinks it is in this world,still perceieves this world, is nor a very evolved consciousness, it doesn't seem to want to see what it really is, part of a greater non physical consciousness.

    1. Hi Ana!
      I understand your point. As you know, I do think everything is in mind, even our bodies and brains. So I agree with the premise of what you said. I even agree that, in principle, everything is possible. That said, if reality unfolds as a process of mind, and in mind, that it is reasonable to expect that different processes of mind have different images in mind. For instance, the process of atmospheric electric discharge has the image we call 'lightning.' Similar, I think the process of mind partaking in consensus reality has an image that we call a body. So I agree that a mind can enter consensus reality if it wants to, but i think that, when it does, that process has an image we call birth. In my view, to say that a mind can partake in space-time without a body is the same as saying that atmospheric electric discharge can happen without lightning, or combustion with fire, or coagulation without clots. See what I mean? Anyway, just my 2-cents... Cheers, Bernardo.


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