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The problem with fundamentalist atheism

As someone with a fairly rationalistic, skeptical, and even scientistic background (though slowly improving), I confess to have some degree of sympathy for parts of the message coming from fundamentalist atheists like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett. To the extent that they promote critical thinking, I believe they make a positive contribution to society. But there may be a significant way in which they fall victim to the very criticism they pass onto others. Allow me to share a thought on this.

Of the three, Daniel Dennett has most of my respect, for the very cogent, clear, and even fun way in which he argues his case. I find it delightful to watch his eloquence in action, and I have sincerely learned much from him. He has, unquestionably, an analytical intellect of enormous power; there lying his key weakness, in my view. Indeed, I believe Dennett is wrong regarding just about every important point he has argued, from the nature of consciousness to the val…