This is for media inquiries only; no exceptions. For questions and other inquiries, please consider perusing my engagement policy and useful links. I apologize in advance for not being able to reply to messages sent to this address that do not comply with the above. In addition, please note that my moral commitments mean that I, as a matter of principle, cannot engage with media platforms that consistently promote misinformation or provide a channel for Kremlin propaganda in the West. Therefore, I will decline interview invitations from those platforms.

Remember, media inquiries only, no exceptions!  Please respect this policy. Emails are moderated before getting to me and I will not be able to respond to other types of inquiry.

bernardo (at) bernardokastrup (dot) com

The email address above is being increasingly overwhelmed with messages that, although mostly well-meaning, ignore the fact that it is explicitly meant solely for media inquiries. This situation has now reached crisis level, rendering the address almost unusable. I cannot dedicate a full-time employee just to politely decline the myriad non-media-related requests I have been receiving daily, so we are regrettably rolling out, with immediate effect, a policy to broadly delete non-media-related messages without reaction. This is harsh and I regret it very much, but the alternative is to close this public email address altogether. I apologise to you all for this.
More specifically, I cannot contribute forewords, prefaces, chapters, book reviews, etc., to your (potential) publication. I cannot do peer-review for your journal. If you want to have one of my books translated, please contact my publisher, Collective Ink, which owns the publication rights. If you want to quote passages from my books, essays or papers, please contact the respective publisher, which owns the publication rights. Due to being overcommitted as it is, I cannot contribute to your project. I cannot join editorial boards or guest-host events. I do not accept invitations to submit papers to academic journals (if I have something to submit, my journal of choice will hear from me, not the other way around). And as much as I'd like it, I cannot study, comment, or provide feedback on your writings, videos, ideas, works of art, critiques of my books or essays, opinions, etc. I cannot help you get your work published or noticed. Book and essay submissions to Essentia Foundation should be submitted to, well, Essentia Foundation, not me. My website does not accept sponsorships or placed material. I do not accept requests to promote events or material in which I am not directly involved. I do not provide philosophical consultancy or psychological assistance, paid or otherwise. I do not engage in one-on-one interactions. I cannot have a quick Zoom chat with you, as much as I might like it. I do not take part in private preparatory calls prior to public events or interviews; I only do the public part. I engage only in public.
I know most of the messages are well-meaning and sincere, but I just cannot physically cope, or I would have to stop all my work and production just to engage with well-meaning messages. Prior experience has taught me that even a few discrete exceptions to the policy above worsen my dilemma rather quickly. So no exceptions will be made. I count on your understanding and ask that you respect my policy here.