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Reflections about 2018 and beyond

As I've confessed in a couple of recent interviews, since last year I have been focusing my efforts on the academic world. The sheer chaos and hysteria of the material that comes through social and alternative media these days mean that, in practice, it has become very difficult to reach the many reasonable, intelligent people I have targeted in previous years. My voice is but one in an endless cacophony of voices, many of which are outright nonsensical. It is difficult, even unfair, to expect from the average person enough investment of time, care and discernment to put everything in perspective. Reason is nearly drowned in this 'post-truth' world. What chance have I got to get my message across without the gravitas of academia?

My original motivation to reach out directly to the average educated person, as opposed to working through academia, was my disillusionment with what I perceive to be the bias of stratified academic views. Yet, facing this challenge may be inevit…

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