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Introducing the Uniform Reprints: Updated philosophy brought together as a whole

My biggest publishing news of 2018 is now officially out: the Uniform Reprints of my first six books. But wait: you have seen the new covers already; they have been around for a couple of months. "So, what's new?" I hear you ask. Well, the changes go much deeper than mere covers! "But if so, why only now make a breaking news item of it?" This, and many other questions you may have, is what I intend to address in this post.
What are the Uniform Reprints? The Uniform Reprints are in-depth revisions of my six earlier books. The arguments have been refined and sharpened, with some ambiguous segments corrected. They have also been made consistent with one another, so that the six titles now contribute coherently to the same overall philosophical system, without seeming contradictions. Particularly, the usage of terms has been harmonized across books. Even my very first book, Rationalist Spirituality, which uses a dualist metaphor throughout, has been made more expl…

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