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Subject, object, and instincts

I'm on a roll today, and want to elaborate more on the contents of my previous article. Particularly, I want to explore how we could interpret, or perhaps even explain, the notions of subject, object, and instinct on the basis of the metaphor developed there. I will organize the remainder of this post in the form of questions and answers. Note that you will need to have read my previous article in order to make sense of the below.

Who are we, as subjects, in the context of the metaphor? We are the liquid mercury ocean of Mind. As such, there is only one Subject. Our differentiated individualities are an artifact of different segments of that single ocean rising up and coiling around themselves. Our individual egos are associated to each individual coil.

What is my individual life, according to the metaphor? Your individual life is a set of subjective experiences. As such, it is a set of ripples propagating through the folded coil of the ocean of Mind that corresponds to your partic…

Categories of consciousness

I wanted to share with you today the draft of an idea that I have been thinking about recently. Please keep in mind that this is a draft and, as such, I may change my opinion about it going forward. The idea is to explain the different categories of conscious experience that seem to exist. The first category is what I will call (1) folded consciousness: This happens when you experience something while being aware that you are experiencing it; in other words, when you are conscious that you are conscious ... that you are conscious, as if consciousness were folding in on itself. In Jungian terminology, this would correspond to egoic consciousness, which Jung referred to simply as 'consciousness' (an over-restrictive and now outdated use of the word). It is the main modality of consciousness that we experience in our modern lives. The second category is what I will call (2) unfolded consciousness: That's when you have experiences but are not immediately aware that you are ha…

The physical body

If reality is a projection of mind – a collective dream – it follows that the body itself is a projection of mind. In an earlier article, I talked about the brain being a specific pattern in the flow of consciousness, which I compared to a whirlpool in a stream of water. One could thus see the rest of the body as the peripheral flow of consciousness that helps maintain the specific pattern we call the brain. As such, it is consciousness that 'does' the body through imagining it. Continuing on with exploring the implications of this hypothesis, upon my physical death my consciousness will stop 'doing' my body. Indeed, one could even define physical death as the process by which an individual and (partially) differentiated conscious point-of-view of Mind stops imagining its respective physical body. Yet, a corpse will stay behind, at least for a limited amount of time. How is that possible? If my mind stops imagining my physical body, why doesn't the latter instantl…