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Peeks into Meaning in Absurdity

Today I've received the latest sales figures of all of my books, as is customary in the beginning of the year. I couldn't help but find it striking that my least popular book is also perhaps my personal favorite: Meaning in Absurdity. Alright, Why Materialism Is Baloney may be more important or relevant given our present cultural circumstances, but that doesn't change the fact that the key theme explored in Meaning in Absurdity is, to me, extraordinarily fascinating: high-strangeness, absurd phenomena. The idea developed in the book is, in my opinion, one of my key contributions, for not only does it shed light on the absurd in an unexpected but intriguing manner, it also bears direct relevance to our entire view of the nature of reality. It is for these reasons that I will now star an effort to raise awareness about that older work of mine, starting with this post.

Below, you will find an extensive extract of the book, comprising its table of contents, prologue and one e…