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Brief Peeks Beyond: An Overview

To mark the launch of my new book, Brief Peeks Beyond, I am publishing today its editorial reviews, table of contents, complete introduction (Chapter 1), as well as the introductory text of each subsequent chapter. The list of materialist criticisms refuted in the book is also provided. The intent is to offer a complete and representative overview of the book. I consider this my most important published work to-date and hope you find value in it.

Better than any book I’ve come across, Bernardo Kastrup’s collection of essays confronts two mysteries that must be urgently solved. The first is the mystery of reality. ... The second ... is the mystery of knowledge. ... To confront both mysteries at once ... requires courage, tenacity, a willingness to swim upstream, and thick skin. ... But if you have a persistent, acute mind like Bernardo’s, an exciting journey opens up. (From the Foreword) – Deepak Chopra, M.D., pioneer in the field of mind…

Review of "Beyond Physicalism"

By Don Salmon
(This is a guest essay submitted to the Metaphysical Speculations Discussion Forum and voted for publication by forum members. All opinions expressed are those of the author.)

Beyond Physicalism” – the result of years of work by the same Esalen-based group that produced “Irreducible Mind” – is, I believe, one of the most important signs in recent years of the impending global shift in consciousness predicted by such 20th century luminaries as Jean Gebser, Teillhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo. Previously, I had thought that perhaps Dean Radin’s 1997, “The Conscious Universe” was one of the more pivotal books in terms of pointing toward this imminent shift. However, “Beyond Physicalism” is such a broad, highly intelligent (and highly readable) volume that I think it will come to be seen as the sign of a major turning point for modern science.

For several decades, Michael Murphy has sponsored a variety of seminars at Esalen (the institute he founded) aimed at advancing h…