Upcoming book: More Than Allegory

"Over the years I have felt that the limitations of mainstream religion increasingly outweigh its potential benefits, but More Than Allegory sees into its heart, enabling us to consider religion with fresh perspective and redeeming it for our generation."
~ Rupert Spira

Coming out in the spring of 2016, but soon available for pre-order, is my new book More Than Allegory. Here is the book's blurb:
This book is a three-part journey into the rabbit hole we call the nature of reality. Its ultimate destination is a plausible, living validation of transcendence. Each of its three parts is like a turn of a spiral, exploring recurring ideas through the prisms of religious myth, truth and belief, respectively. With each turn, the book seeks to convey a more nuanced and complete understanding of the many facets of transcendence.

Part I puts forward the controversial notion that many religious myths are actually true; and not just allegorically so.
Part II argues that our own inner storytelling plays a surprising role in creating the seeming concreteness of things and the tangibility of history.
Part III suggests, in the form of a myth, how deeply ingrained belief systems create the world we live in.

The three themes, myth, truth and belief, flow into and interpenetrate each other throughout the book.
For a more detailed description of the book, check out the video below from 21:10 to 25:10 min.


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  1. I'm fascinated by mythology - Campbell's work especially. And even though I'm an agnostic I definitely think we need a new 'eco-spiritual narrative'. So I'm really looking forward to this :)