Echoes and reflections

Echoes and reflections

The inscrutable mysteries we seek to understand,
are but the outer appearance of our effort to understand.
The baffling complexities we inquire into,
are but the inner structure of our inquiring.
Thus those who inquire simply,
suspect simple answers.
But those who inquire deeply,
may become lost in the labyrinth of their inquiry.

All mysteries are returning echoes of ourselves:
should we stop the effort to fathom,
nothing would be left to be fathomed.
For the universe is a mirror.
That which is familiar in awareness,
is close by in space.
But that which is alienated in awareness,
is far away.

Blackholes, quasars and supernovae at the edge of space:
returning echoes
of the impersonal within us;
reflected images
of the bizarre foundations of our true being;
remote whispers
from the most alienated parts of ourselves.

As our instruments of inquiry improve,
so the mystery recedes beyond the event horizon.
For there is but one thing to be grasped:
that which is trying to grasp.
If the mystery were solved,
existence would cease.
And thus, as Gödel hinted, there shall always be a mystery;
one mystery.



  1. Nice!I can feel the tension of hidden truths between your poetic lines.

  2. Per your post on FB, quickly felt that this was straightforward no metaphors, and also, I agree.

  3. Wow, now I'm ashamed to claim that English is my native language. How do you manage to express yourself so beautifully in a foreign tongue? Lovely, inspiring prose.

  4. My deep appreciation of you I cannot put in words,

  5. Really beautiful thank you Bernardo!
    Your work is changing my life as at last my life's experiences can sit comfortably with my philosophical beliefs.