Accounting for UAPs' zigzagging, 'brownian motion'


As discussed in my previous post in this blog, I admit to having been caught off guard by the latest developments regarding UAPs and non-human intelligence. Nonetheless, I cannot help but take these developments seriously, and thus felt compelled to explore the subject further in two directions: first, to understand clearly how (im)plausible it is that the allegations are fabrications, given the legal context of the case; and second, to apply reason and information already disclosed to speculate educatedly on what we can expect a non-human intelligence to be like.

As luck would have it, the first part was already done 'for me' by Marik von Vennenkampff, writing for The Hill. I recommend his level-headed and well informed essay, which explains better than I could why I now take this whole thing quite seriously. In addition, yesterday I decided to watch James Fox's wonderful new documentary, Moment of Contact (about the Varginha UAP case in Brazil). I have always had respect for Jamie's work and this latest film doesn't disappoint at all: he captured very well what is perhaps the most important UAP/close encounter case of all times, because of the sheer amount, detail and consistency of witness accounts. As most of you know, I spent my childhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And although I haven't been there in almost three decades now, childhood is a formative time, so I like to believe—perhaps too optimistically—that I can still judge the Brazilian demeanour, body language and tone of voice, in a culture-bound manner. Based on this, I do think the witnesses interviewed in the film were all telling the truth.

What this means is that, in addition to being a definitely psychological phenomenon in many ways—as I discussed in my own book Meaning in Absurdity several years ago—UAPs also have a stable physical facet: it would seem that there really are biological E.T.s from another star system visiting us by means of technologically advanced craft. Again, I hadn't expected this, but I am too committed to truth to ignore the new data. Perhaps, in fact, the high-strangeness aspect of the phenomenon is a thing apart, not directly related to metal spaceships from another planet. We may be dealing with two or more distinct categories here, artificially trying to stuff them together in our conceptual drawers. Or perhaps not; I don't know. (More on this in the next instalment of this series of posts.)

Meaning in Absurdity

However, whatever the case may be, the idea of very physical—meant here in the colloquial sense, not as a nod to physicalism—aliens coming to visit us in very physical craft raises a number of new questions: what can we expect these beings to be like? What about their technology? And how can we make sense of their weird behaviour, such as the typical 'brownian motion' of their craft?

Since we are far from being able to visit other star systems, if these beings are visiting us they are obviously more technologically advanced than we are. Therefore, one educated way to speculate about them is to extrapolate the technology development curve we have been following. This is admittedly fraught with potential errors, as there is no a priori reason to think that their development arch would resemble ours in any way; yet, it's the best we can do when armed only with our own cultural and conceptual references.

With the advent of DNA manipulation technologies such as CRISPR, it has become clear that, in a perhaps not-so-distant future, humans will be able to edit their DNA to suppress undesirable characteristics and emphasise desirable ones. Even without understanding how protein manufacturing relates to morphogenesis—i.e., how the proteins made by DNA are assembled together in just the right way to form a working body—we can still learn to tune our bodies by means of DNA manipulation on a merely empirical, trial-and-error basis.

Therefore, it is plausible that a more technologically advanced alien civilisation would have vast control of their own genotypes and phenotypes, thereby designing themselves for whatever functions are culturally valued. Space travel is one such a function, which could benefit greatly from DNA manipulation: just as ants specialise phenotypically—some are 'armed' soldiers, others flexible engineers, yet others tireless farmers, etc.—E.T. probably also specialises for space flight and other activities. For instance, since space if a near-vacuum, the senses of hearing, smell, touch and taste become redundant except for intra-craft communication and instrumental output; only vision remains relevant with regard to the extra-craft environment. This way, it is an educated guess that the 'biologicals' found in crashed alien craft aren't the typical alien walking about in Zeta Reticuli, but specialised phenotypes meant for space travel. What we see here is not necessarily what we would see there, in their homes.

Another human technology trend to take into account is that of higher integration between the human body and the technology it controls. Today, we still interact with our phones and computers through physical touch. But there are promising developments in thought-controlled technologies, be it through measurement of brain waves or internal brain implants. Extrapolating this development arch, the ultimate goal is technology that reacts as instantly to our intentions as our own eyes and limbs do.

If this is where we are going, it is plausible to think that E.T. is already there. Then, by putting this idea together with the first trend discussed above, we get to a scenario in which alien pilots are DNA-engineered to be directly integrated with their craft. We should thus not expect their craft to have displays, keyboards, buttons and levers like ours do, but to be an extension of the pilots' minds, directly reactive to the pilots' intentions just as our eyes and limbs directly react to ours. This is an important point for any reverse-engineering team: they must abandon our paradigm of what 'controlling the craft' means, and think of it in a more organic manner. Regrettably, this also means that we probably won't be able to go for a joyride in an alien craft.

Interestingly, these ideas provide a way to understand one of the most bizarre but consistent aspects of the UAP phenomenon: their seemingly random, zigzagging, 'brownian motion' way of moving, which doesn't conform to any reasonable trajectory. They go back, forth, and sideways, in a manner we can't quite make sense of... unless, we understand that the craft aren't 'controlled' by their pilots at arms-length, but are instead extensions of the pilots' minds.

To see this, just consider our own eyes: we are constantly moving them around, scanning our environment in a fashion akin to brownian motion (most of us don't even realise that they are doing it all the time, even while dreaming, in the so-called 'Rapid Eye Movement' or 'REM' state). Different elements of our visual field grab our attention at different moments, leading to immediate, instinctive, jerking movements of the eyes so they can focus on that part of our visual field. We do it because we can only see the very centre of our visual field in focus and in high-resolution—an area corresponding to just about 0.1% of the field (!)—and must thus constantly scan our surroundings seemingly haphazardly, so to construct an accurate visual model of our environment. We do it autonomously, instinctively—as opposed to deliberately—this being the reason why the motion ends up being 'brownian' in nature. We bypass deliberation because our eyes are directly controlled by our minds, without the intermediation of a control panel. If the minds of E.T. pilots are directly linked to the motion and operation of their craft, their movements stand to also be spontaneous, instinctive, non-deliberate, and thus somewhat 'random.' And sure enough, this is precisely what witnesses report, repeatedly and consistently.

That UAPs move in a manner akin to how we autonomously move our own eyes—so to scan and construct a model of our surroundings—seems to me to betray their immediate, seamless connection with the minds of their pilots. This is the only logical, reasonable, satisfying way I could find to account for this consistent peculiarity of the phenomenon. And it, of course, suggests a more sophisticated metaphysical perspective, which does away with the delusional separation between mind and matter still prevalent in our own culture. But this is a topic for the next instalment of this series of posts, so stay tuned.




  1. Bernardo are you familiar with the Dogon tribe story?

  2. Interesting speculation, but I still don’t really understand how alien manifestation is different from seeing an angel or a ghost. Witnesses say a ghost appears, is heard moaning, knocks on a door or moves objects. Then it disappears. It might be different if it didn’t disappear (by whatever means).

    Analytic Idealism can of course accommodate dissociated psychic complexes (perhaps attached to living alters) which have a ‘physical’ presence when viewed by suggestible observers.

    Psychologically, we must surely expect such events in times of uncertainty and crisis (war, economic decline, climate change, major species extinctions, mass migration). Just as there is a determined rational effort to achieve a Singularity (AI will save us), there is a corresponding irrational urge to find salvation in alien assistance.

    1. A respected intelligence officer who had very high security clearance has sworn under oath to interviewing 40 people over 4 years that included people with direct first-hand experience of physical craft and who are still working in the reverse engineering programs. That is nothing like angels and ghosts.

    2. I beg to differ, Stephen. Millions attest to seeing angels and ghosts (as well as UFOs). AFAIK, no alien artefacts or technologies are available for inspection in a museum and no antigravity or wormhole-travelling reversed engineered spacecraft exists.

    3. As far you know. Maybe a bit more research is required. Any evidence of US Special Access Projects holding angels and ghosts? Any angels or ghosts been captured and taken to hospital? Any angels or ghosts deactivating nuclear missiles? Any angels or ghosts detected on radar?

  3. 'it would seem that there really are biological E.T.s from another star system visiting us by means of technologically advanced craft.'
    Why the leap from physical craft and bodies to the extraterrestrial hypothesis? Grusch deliberately uses the term non-human intelligence to avoid this assumption.

  4. The 'Noite dos OVINIs' (Night of the UFOs) in May 19, 1986, is another baffling equiment corroborated case here in Brazil, which remains unsolved to this day

  5. Wow. Really appreciate the open-mindedness on this issue.

  6. Your theory for the motion is interesting. If there's something non-human behind this I hope we find out.

    My personal theory is that (if these things are real) they are manipulating gravity to move which also messes with time. From their perspective they are moving smoothly, but from ours they are jerking around because of time dilation.

    Obviously I have zero proof and your guess is as good as mine.

  7. Thanks for covering this topic Bernardo. Like you I have been highly skeptical all these years, but now I feel like there is something big afoot, although I'm obviously not sure what. I think things have been all the more complicated by all the rampant conspiracy mongering, not just about UFO/UAPs, but regarding lots of far-out things. Nonetheless at this point I'm more or less sure that it's not just the US government or a combo of governments covering up their advanced technology. The history of the phenomena, its worldwide nature, the variety of "craft" seen and/or detected along with their laws-of-physics-defying behaviors suggest, to me, that this explanation is not plausible. I will be very interested, especially as we learn more, as to how you would fit this revelation into your ontology. Do we surmise the craft/entities to be another form of "alter," especially if they are vastly different biologically and more cyborg-like? (Perhaps the entities from which they derive are metabolizing creatures like us to some degree.) Could they be truly psychoid in nature? In that case what would constitute a "smoking gun"? What about "abductions"? Is there some significance to this UAP issue surging at the same time as advancements in AI are being both celebrated and abhorred? Why aren't more folks on alert or at least openly curious about this--is it a matter of shoddy media coverage or more about a psychological defense against the prospective ontological shock that UFO/UAPs will unleash? Can't wait to read more of your posts!

  8. Hi Bernardo, I'm wondering if you have read a book referenced in one of Rupert Sheldrake's books, which approaches this subject from a Jungian perspective. The title is "The Trickster and the Paranormal" by George Hansen. I found this book extremely insightful and valuable. I wonder if you might find it interesting?

  9. The Brownian motion, and more generally motion that seems to defy inertia and/or gravity, would rather argue against a robust, physical phenomenon (i.e. a substantial mass). The g-forces due to inertia would be enormous, and it is unclear what propulsion method could achieve this - and if a propulsion method is that advanced, why it would not keep a craft steady as well. It would therefore require a leap of faith to believe this, as 'evidence' of recovered crafts etc. does not go beyond hearsay.

    Instead, for the moment assuming these UAPs are intentional phenomena rather than physics artifacts, it rather looks like these 'things' are being *projected* onto this dimension. If you hold a laser pointer in your hand, you can project a dot on the wall. If you hold it steady, the dot will hardly move. But if the wall is far away, someone looking at the dot will see it jitter randomly, and without seeing anything along the line to the source (your laser pointer).

    So, if I were willing to believe anything at all in these matters, I would for the time being assume an interdimensional or paranormal phenomenon (whatever you call it) rather than flesh-beings in metal or plastic crafts. This also circumvents the issue where they are from - interstellar travel being implausible for such frequent events, and no bases found on/in the Earth's surface, in the sea etc.
    Your theory of consciousness and mind, as far as I understand it, would allow for such things.
    Who knows, higher-developed mental beings need some kind of probes to see what is going on in our material monkey world...