Social media policy and useful links

This post aims to calibrate expectations about my social media presence, as well as to provide useful resources that could avoid the need for you to wait for a social media reply from me. As the visibility of my work increases, it has become impossible for me to maintain the level of social media engagement I used to have. Therefore, I will from now on refer to this post in situations wherein I cannot engage as extensively as before.

I have now written seven booksdozens of essays, several academic papers and recorded several videosMy philosophical system cannot be explained in a couple of brief online comments. Therefore, please consider looking up some references (see below) if you are curious about my ideas. I count on your understanding that I cannot repeat every philosophical argument personally to everyone who asks.

Here are some freely available overviews:

  1. The best overview yet in video format (40 minutes)
  2. Rigorous paper containing an analytic summary of my philosophical system
  3. ~5 minute video teaser
  4. ~10-minute video introduction
  5. ~30-minute video presentation
  6. ~40-minute video presentation
  7. Brief introductory essay
  8. Essay discussing a few more nuances of my philosophy
  9. More elaborate, general essay
  10. Essay exploring implications of my philosophy
The references above provide a fair overview but are not complete. Many topics of crucial importance to my philosophical system are only addressed in the books and academic papers. So please consider perusing these before concluding that my system is incomplete or fails to address critical issues.

Criticism is the engine of (self-)honesty, precision, accuracy, and truth. I welcome criticism and, in fact, deeply appreciate it. My character is such that I even enjoy sharp, incisive exchanges on content. That said, I cannot repeatedly and continuously address the same valid criticism every time a new person confronts me with it. So if you confront me on social media with a criticism that I have already addressed before, chances are that I will refer you to this post and the sources below:

  1. An academic paper refuting all objections to my philosophical position that I have been confronted with or could imagine myself
  2. Video refuting ten common criticisms of my philosophy
  3. A debate with renowned thinkers in which I refute several criticisms of my ideas
  4. An essay refuting five types of materialist circular reasoning
  5. A Q&A with materialists online
  6. A long Twitter exchange
  7. Four more refutations of common criticisms, in essay format (see second half of the essay)
I will gladly address your criticisms online if they haven't been covered earlier in the sources provided above.

Here is a brief overview of how I use and manage each of my social media sites:

  1. FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter: These are for announcements, sharing brief ideas and insights, some peeks into my personal life, and light-weight philosophical interaction with my readers. These are not places for in-depth philosophical discussions. I no longer accept private messages on Facebook for reasons I discussed in this post.
  2. discussion forum I informally sponsor: Here, in-depth philosophical questions, criticisms, suggestions, and alternative ideas (such as your own) can be addressed and debated. There are a few hundred participants in this forum and many of them will be able to quickly react to your message in my absence. My personal participation in the forum is necessarily limited, but this is more than compensated for by the other regular forum participants. I trust you will find a vibrant and unique community here. Incise and sharp discussions on content are not only allowed but stimulated in the forum.
  3. Comment section of each essay in my blog: This is the right place for in-depth philosophical questions or criticisms pertaining to the specific topic of the essay in question. It is not the place for general inquiries or criticisms. Incisive and sharp exchanges on content are also encouraged here.
  4. Comment section under YouTube videos: Light-weight questions and criticisms pertaining to the specific subject of the respective video are appropriate there. For more in-depth exchanges, please go to the forum. Normally it takes me a long time to answer comments on YouTube, for I prioritize FacebookTwitter, the Forum and the Blog.
Have fun!