Engagement policy and useful links

It has unfortunately become impossible for me to interact one-on-one with my readers and audience. For years I have done it and treasured it. I owe much to those interactions and my philosophy has been enriched by it. Yet, with a growing audience and the broadening reach of my social media presence, these treasured interactions have become entirely unmanageable; there simply isn't enough time and presence of mind to engage with them appropriately, with the attention and care you deserve. Therefore, I now try to address the most frequently asked questions I get on essays and videos. Indeed, there is now a full course on Analytic Idealism, with more than 6 hours (!) of video material, on Essentia Foundation's website. Hopefully, this course addresses and answers, explicitly and in depth, most of your questions. Here it is:

Most of my short essays are also freely available (sometimes you may need to register to gain access, as I don't have control over the access policies of the different media channels that publish my material):

For the more technically minded, there are also a number of open access academic papers:

Broadly speaking, I engage only in public, never in private interactions.

My moral commitments mean that I, as a matter of principle, cannot engage with media platforms that consistently promote misinformation or provide a channel for Kremlin propaganda in the West. Therefore, I will decline interview invitations from those platforms.

Due to my many work commitments, I also cannot:

  1. Give you authorization to translate my books. For that, you must contact my publisher, Collective Ink, which owns the publication rights.
  2. Give you authorization to use segments of my books, essays or papers. For that, you must contact the respective publisher, which owns the publication rights.
  3. Contribute forewords, prefaces, chapters, book reviews, etc., to your (potential) publication.
  4. Do peer-review for your journal.
  5. Take part in your project (I have too many of my own already).
  6. Join editorial boards or guest-host events.
  7. Accept invitations to submit papers to academic journals (if I have something to submit, my journal of choice will hear from me, not the other way around).
  8. Study, comment, or provide feedback on your writings, videos, ideas, works of art, critiques of my books or essays, opinions, etc.
  9. Help you get your work published or noticed.
  10. Accept website sponsorships or placed material.
  11. Accept requests to promote events or material in which I am not directly involved.
  12. Provide philosophical consultancy or psychological assistance, paid or otherwise.
  13. Engage in one-on-one interactions.
  14. Take part in private preparatory calls prior to public events or interviews.
I count on your understanding regarding the above and ask that you respect this policy, for it reflects the best I can physically do.

Enjoy your philosophical journey towards a broader, more plausible and rational worldview!