Social media policy and useful links

It has unfortunately become impossible for me to interact one-on-one with my readers and audience. For years I have done it and treasured it. I owe much to those interactions and my philosophy has been enriched by it. Yet, with a growing audience and the broadening reach of my social media presence, these treasured interactions have become entirely unmanageable; there simply isn't enough time and presence of mind to engage with them appropriately, with the attention and care you deserve. Therefore, I now try to address the most frequently asked questions I get on essays and videos. Indeed, there is now a full course on Analytic Idealism, with more than 6 hours (!) of video material, on Essentia Foundation's website. Hopefully, this course addresses and answers, explicitly and in depth, most of your questions. Here it is:

Most of my short essays are also freely available (sometimes you may need to register to gain access, as I don't have control over the access policies of the different media channels that publish my material):

For the more technically minded, there are also a number of open access academic papers:

Enjoy your philosophical journey towards a broader, more plausible and rational worldview!